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Here is what some of our satisfied customers had to say...

Adam Clark - Landlord

“The reason for my email is to say what a delight it has been to deal with someone as helpful and knowledgeable as Vicky(Insurance). She has enabled me to get this matter sorted in a straightforward and hassle free way and I am very thankful for her help. The divide between firms with good customer service and those with terrible customer service is vast and it has been refreshing to deal with a firm from the first category “

Duncan Swann - Chadderton Estates

“If the service was bad that I received from your company, I would be the first to write and complain so therefore I think it only fair that I should write if I receive outstanding service. And outstanding service is what I received. However, you have a total star in your midst. The level of service, tenacity, effort and focus she put in on my behalf is, I think, almost beyond what most people would have gone in order to secure my business. Her name – Kelly Ellis. Superb service – well done Kelly”

Janice Stark - Landlady

“I use your referencing & Smart Deposit services on all of my properties and have the Collect & Pay on two of my properties. I am very satisfied with all of the services provided, particularly on the Collect & Pay as one of the properties is not local to me & the tenant has been consistently poor at paying the rent on time. It has been such a good experience to know that you have done the chasing up on the tenant to collect the rent. I will definitely be using this service again.”

Mark Cesareo - Tenant

Just to say that I have recieved your voicemail and thank you for such a prompt response. May I also take this opportunity to compliment the efficiency and friendliness with which FCC Paragon operates.

As I’m in the customer services industry myself I can appreciate how refreshing this is. 

John JP Hughes - Landlord

Thank goodness for Paragon Advance and the brilliant people therein. I am so very grateful to you. You have saved me potential problems with home office sometime this year if I had decided to accept a tenant with no valid correct BRP Biometric Residence Permit (valid and indate).

Paragon Advance is simply brilliant for private landlord clients!

Thank you Kindly.

Dawn Burton - TenantFinders Ltd

We have used FCC Paragon for our referencing and rent warranties for 15 years – we find their service and products excellent!

Having been a Letting Agent and Landlord for over 25 years, I have found other agents rent warranty products to be complicated and not user friendly. The warranty products provided by FCC provide me with extra security I can rely on when letting, at a very reasonable cost.”