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FCC Paragon launches a standalone service to fill a void for those who need Right to Rent checks


With Right to Rent due to go live in England on 1st February 2016, FCC Paragon will be providing a service aimed at Landlords and Letting Agents who are unprepared for the imminent changes to legislation, and who do not themselves have the facilities available or the experience on hand to carry out Right to Rent checks sufficiently. There is also no need to fully reference these tenants to access this service.

A survey of 5,000 Landlords suggests that 50 per cent of them are not prepared for the introduction of Right to Rent in under two weeks from now. Some 20 per cent believed that they had until April 2017 to prepare for the changes while three per cent believed they had until 2018 to get ready.
[Half of landlords are not prepared for Right to Rent claims survey – Letting Agent Today:]

Bryn Cole, Managing Director at FCC Paragon said; “We have presented to a number of Landlords Associations recently and many Landlords are still not prepared for Right to Rent. As a duty of care we continue our commitment in informing them of their responsibilities and at the same time have developed a service that will mitigate the risks*.”

As of 1st February 2016, new legislation will require all Landlords and Letting Agents in England check a tenant’s immigration status, or ‘right to rent’ in the UK. Those failing to prepare for these changes could face serious financial risks, with potential fines of £3,000.

When the Right to Rent pilot was trialled in the West Midlands we saw some shocking results. The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), who conducted a survey on the impact of Right to Rent, found that 42% of Landlords were unlikely to rent property out to people without British passports and over 25% of Landlords would be less likely to rent to people if they had a foreign name or foreign accent.
[We knew Right to Rent would result in discrimination – International Business Times:]

Bryn Continued; “Given that in 12 months up to the end of December 2015, only a little over 17% of all applicants being referenced were foreign nationals, of these 68% were from within the European Economic Area, so the volume of checks per Agent/Landlord will not be onerous in time or cost.”

Gillian White, Private Landlord said: “As a private landlord I find Paragon’s experience and knowledge over Right to Rent gives me confidence that I won’t breach legislation. They always keep me up to date with any changes that may affect me as a Landlord and I feel in safe hands”.

Janie Gaston, Operation Director at FCC said; “We have already received much interest expressed in our new stand alone service that is due to launch in a few weeks, and you can register your interest in the service by emailing Fuller details of the service will be issued in the coming days.”

This service should be considered by anyone who is required to execute checks to comply with government legislation around allowing anyone in occupancy who may not have the right to rent a property in the UK. It is designed to meet the needs of clients who do not have this provision through their current providers but at the same time does not require clients to use Paragon’s referencing services either.

As part of the ‘stand alone’ package, clients are provided with an Enhanced ID check which is a very powerful tool which includes checking; financial sanctions, death registers, passport warnings and much more. Upon completion clients will receive a detailed separate ID check, alongside their Right to Rent conclusion report. Clients who subscribe have an end to end service which also includes us reporting an occupant to the Home Office if applicable.

For more information on the Right to Rent stand alone package, please call 0844 375 9601 or alternatively email

*Subject to full terms and conditions.