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Can we reference foreign/overseas guarantors?

We do reference them however there may be slight delays due to possible language barriers, also because of the difficulty and cost of enforcement proceedings abroad we would not be able to offer Rent Protection and Legal Expenses warranty.

Can we reference two people on the same form?

Even if they are husband and wife, they will need to complete their own individual application form.

What if someone has lots of savings, but low or no regular income?

We do accept savings but only accept the most recent savings account bank statement so that we can view what the balance is. We will calculate the total rental amount (or their share of the rent) for the length of the tenancy period 6/12 months, then multiply that by 2, if the sum is less than the balance on the bank statement this would be acceptable.

Do guarantors have to own a property?

We reference guarantors based on financial income, references obtained and credit history.

Does the guarantor have to cover the full rental?

However you can have multiple guarantors covering a share of the rent on one property providing the full rental amount is covered, i.e. If the full rental amount is £500pcm you can have 2 x guarantors covering £250pcm each. The tenancy agreement must be one where they are all jointly and severally liable.

How does the rent calculator work?

Unlike some other referencing agencies we do not work on a multiple of the rental amount. We like to look at each application individually in order to ensure a fair decision is made. The calculator deducts tax and NI from the applicant’s salary to leave us the net figure. It will then deduct approximate living expenses which we have formulated from our extensive dealings in the lettings market. Please be aware you will have access to the rent calculator on our agents’ admin site if you are registered with us.

Why do we need proof of address/proof of residency?

Some applicants do not put all their addresses on the application form; this can in fact mask County Court Judgement’s or a poor credit history (detrimental information). We obtain proof of address (i.e. an original bill, bank statement or official letter), when they are not on the electoral roll at the address given. This enables us to credit check other addresses. Please note if the applicant has opted out on the electoral roll (i.e. ticked the box to confirm that they do not want to receive junk mail) we will require proof of residency.

How much does the debt service cost?

We charge a commission on collection depending on the amount of the debt. Under £1,000 – 9% £1,000 – £2,499 7% £2,500 – £4,999 5% £5,000 or more 4.5%

What can we do if we do not have a present address for the debtor?

Should you have any tracing requirements that you wish to discuss please contact us on 02394 214054.

Do I still pay for the debt service if you are unsuccessful?

It is a commission on collection we only charge you when we have collected monies for you.

Do you just collect Rent Arrears or can you pursue for Dilapidations as well?

We can collect both Rent Arrears and Dilapidations as long as full details of these are made available to us.

Does a debt submission have to come from a FCC agent?

This service can be used by any Agent or Landlord

What documentation does Paragon Advance require when referencing foreign nationals?

his depends on the applicant’s country of origin, please see below for a basic guide (these are guidelines only);

From the EU (including A8 & A2 countries) – Nothing is required, however we still advise you view and retain two forms of proof of identity (as with all applicants), one of which must be photographic and a passport is always prudent. Viewing a passport in the past has identified anomalies and prevented potential fraudulent applications.

Anywhere outside the EU – A work visa or work permit.

The above all need to be valid for the duration of the tenancy period. Please note: Legislation is reviewed quite frequently so the above is subject to change.